Posted on: May 20, 2011 3:51 am

Sharks Fans Are Missing The Point

Shark fans - and we're a loud and knowledgable bunch to be sure - are unfortunately missing the point at the moment. 

And so are most writers...

...because for me, the issue is crystal clear.  Down 2-0?  Honestly - all due respect to the Canucks - that's of little relevance here.  Sure it's a factor and we'd rather have stolen a game in Vancouver but the truth is, we didn't come anywhere close to earning one. 

And THAT is the point.  This team is quite possibly the greatest hockey team I've ever seen play 'live'...and I've seen plenty of games at the Forum.  For the love of Pete - WE HAVE (or had) A LINE THAT WAS DIRECTLY LIFTED FROM OUR ROSTER AND INSERTED AS THE SECOND LINE OF THE GOLD-MEDAL WINNING TEAM CANADA AT THE LAST OLYMPICS. 

And for perspective - our season leader in goals wasn't even from that line.

This team has it all - quite literally.  Elite playmakers, Elite snipers, top-5 special teams on both ends, speed to burn with any team in the league, unmatched depth and (it's time we formally recognize this) quite possibly the best goaltender in the NHL outside of Boston. 

And for the first time since this fantastic run of great teams started 5-6 years ago...or thereabouts...we have the grit of a nasty diamond-grit piece of sandpaper. 

Folks, being down 2-0 is of absolutely no consequence.  There is only one issue at hand to address, and its a very simple one to articulate.  Find that part of you that dusted round one, and played an historic series against Detroit.  Find it, and bring it to the Tank for Game 3...because if you DO find it, Game 3 goes to the Sharks

And if you bring it to the Tank for Game'll be the same story. 

The San Jose Sharks, when playing THEIR game, with the intensity shown against Detroit, are simply too talented, too deep, too well coached and too tough to beat.  Plain and simple.  This series has far less to do with Vancouver than people realize - because if we play to our ability and bring this season's NEVER GIVE UP attitude to the rink, the opponent's jersey is irrelevant.  Nobody can beat this team over a seven game series if we play our hockey.  Nobody. 

It's time for these players to consider this thought:  It's quite clear that this team truly has everything you need to win a Cup and then some...and winning the Stanley Cup is by far and away the hardest thing to accomplish in pro are we going to squander what may be the single greatest shot at the holy grail of Hockey? 

Or are we going to come out in Game Three and remind the Canucks who just sent Detroit packing in a game every single analyst in the game had going to Detroit?

We play our game, we win the series.  We don't, we lose.

It's really that simple - it's no longer a case of "can we"'s a case of "will we"?

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Posted on: October 17, 2010 4:01 am

There's a fowl odor in the air tonight...

OK, so fowl and Thrashers isn't Jimmy Kimmel; this is a hockey blog. 

Quite simply, I'm disappointed in Nieme...but not because of his play...everyone will have off nights.

What's wrong here is that he's too quickly adopted our "oh shucks" goodhearted approach to a loss.  I love Joe more than a married heterosexual man should on many a night...but his postgame comment after a playof loss a year or two ago will never escape me and I think it's reflective of the Sharks' problem.  To paraphrase, we had just been heartbroken by losing at home to a lesser team, who put forth a lesser effort yet still found a way to beat us....Joe's response was roughly "No, we're not upset by it; we will stay focused and stick to the game plan.  You can't get too up or down in this game and be need to remain true to your effort and gameplan".

Now...sorry, but even if you don't THINK SO, what we fans want to hear is "Am I upset?  Bleep yea I'm upset, we lost.  Period.  We will have to come out next game and try even harder, battle more and just find the way to win it's that simple". San Jose, sorry, seems to just be acceptable to hear that mantra time and again.  Offend nobody, remain even keeled. 

Horse sheets.

Simply put, you don't win big games too often in the spring by keeping a steady eddie win by grinding your aspirins off, and fight, bite and steal your way to the W.  As long as comparisons to Turtleing cowards or dangerous and dirty players don't arise...YOU DO WHATEVER IT TAKES.  

Put it this way...anyone think Messier felt the same pain and fatigue after a November tilt at the Gardens that he did on a night in June following a road game?  No.  The winners just dig down, and FIND ANOTHER GEAR.  Always have, always will.  I understand you can't go off half cocked every night and wave your stick like that embarassment from Dallas/NY/Vogue/Cosmopolitan used to...but there SHOULD be an intensity uptick for big games.

And so tonight was no such big game...but the scary thing is that our Cup dreams rest on Nieme...and he sounds awfully...nice.

To butcher his response to ex teammate Dustin's shot / goal: "He's got a great shot and its tough to stop". 

Really brother?  Really?  That's one of your opening salvos on a night you got outplayed by the guy at the other end of the ice so badly we lost a game we SHOULD have won, and the other guy with the pads won first star?  Here's another angle:"I'm sorry, I know...we all know he's got a cannon but I simply have to find ways to keep those out and my teammates in the game.  The goal here is to win, and we lost, plain and simple".

Anyone agree?  I mean...wouldn't it be a refreshing change to hear somebody a little overly UPSET than overly COOL with having lost?

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